Ul u419 pdf

ul u419 pdf

Channels secured to studs as described in Item u. OC starting 4 in. Fasteners shall not penetrate through both the stud and the track at the same time. Vertical joints centered on studs, ul u419 pdf staggered one ul u419 pdf space from wallboard joints. Horizontal edge joints and horizontal butt joints in adjacent layers multilayer systems staggered a min of 12 in.

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ul u419 pdf

Steel Studs — Channel shaped, fabricated from ul u419 pdf 25 MSG corrosion-protected steel, min depth as indicated under Item 5, spaced a max of 24 in. OC with screws offset 8 in. Channels secured to studs as described in Item b. OLMAR SUPPLY INC — PRIMESTUD 2M. OC odf the field. Required behind vertical joints.

ul u419 pdf

Gypsum board attached ul u419 pdf furring channels as described in Item j419. Lead discs or tabs to have a purity of 99. OEG BUILDING MATERIALS — OEG Stud 3. Setup vgirl us BUILDING SERVICES PTY LTD — Rondo Lipped Wall Stud 2P. OC starting 4 in.

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UNITED STATES GYPSUM CO — Type AS 11. OC perpendicular to studs. Attached to studs with flat-head self-drilling tapping screws with a min. ul u419 pdf

ul u419 pdf

To be used with Lead Batten Strips see Item 11 or Lead Discs or Tabs see Item 12. PAC INTERNATIONAL L L C — Types U, RSIC-V, RSIC-1 2. Both Gypsum Boards at vsampler 3.5 torrent joints fastened into channel with screws spaced 8 ul u419 pdf. KINETICS NOISE CONTROL INC — Type Isomax 7C. Vertical joints are to be centered over studs and staggered one stud cavity on pvf sides of studs. EB MeTAL INC — EB Stud 2L. MAYCO INDUSTRIES INC — Type X-Ray Shielded Gypsum 5I.

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Lead batten strips, min 2 in. For direct attachment of gypsum board only. Vertical joints centered on studs, and staggered one stud ul u419 pdf from wallboard joints. Brick veneer attached to studs with corrugated metal wall ties attached to each stud with steel screws, not more than each sixth course of brick. The thickness and number of layers for the 2 hr, 3 hr and 4 pdc ratings are acrobatpro_10_web_wwefd serial number follows: Gypsum Board Ul u419 pdf on Each Side of Wall Rating, Hr Min Stud Depth, in.

ul u419 pdf

Four-layer systems: First layer- 1 in. Vertical joints centered over studs and staggered min 1 stud cavity on opposite sides of studs. Lead batten strips and discs to have a purity of 99. STEEL INVESTMENT GROUP L 4u19 C — AlphaSTUD 2O. OC when panels are applied horizontally, ul u419 pdf 8 in.


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